Why this Blog?


Same as before just less puku at the start of this year to get rid of!



So I am not getting any younger and sadly my puku isn’t getting any smaller.

I have had a roller coaster of a ride for the last five years, both my parents passed away, my wife and soulmate left her government job to pursue her dream as a personal trainer, my home town got munted after mother nature dished out thousands of earthquakes, I was in charge the day CTV was burning and my crew at the fire service were sending our friends into rescue everyone.   We were fighting our own EQC battles and I was experiencing survivor guilt.  I hit the wall more than once and each time my puku got bigger and bigger.

Cate was encouraging me to do something (probably I called it nagging and riding).  Finally my GP sent me for a new round of bloods.  We had a discussion and really I was in denial about my diagnosis of Type II diabetes.   It’s such and invisible disease I didn’t really see how it was effecting me…..

Then she mentioned insulin and I kind of flipped out.   I didn’t tell Cate and kept telling myself it would be ok.   We finally went to see a nurse specialist who taught me all about keys and how the disease worked.

It is time to sort my shit out…..  This is my Comeback Tour.   My hope is this blog keeps me on track and that somewhere along the way it inspires someone to kick themselves up the ass too and do something before its too late.

I am too young to die and have too much to do in my life!

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