My Chch recovery story begins as a new sequal… 


Well in two hours I will be at the start line on the Christchurch Half Marathon.   I am excited to be doing it with many of our LeapStars.   It is pretty nippy as I fill my bowl with weetbix and I have spent the last few minutes stoking the fire and reminiscing about the first time I did this event.   It was in 2009 and it snowed and sleeted on the start line.  Looks like we will avoid that today!  Cate and I did the 10km event with her mum and dad.  We were entrants in our first 20 Week challenge and now we own a studio and have 42 entrants ourself.  Amazing.   So this year Cate’s Health means she won’t be with me or able to support us but she is here in spirit.  She has encouraged and prepared many of LeapStars to get tot the start line.   We are so proud of all our tribe,  some will walk and some will run.  Some in the 10kms and some in the 21kms.   We will weave through our city that has been through so much in the last six years.  Just like we have.  Today is about remembering, celebrating and turning the page… It feels like the end of a good book and I know the sequal is waiting for me to start.    

Puku Begone…

I took my measurements for the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge

Puku 138 CM (my puku is only 27 cms smaller than Cate’s height!)
HWR .76 (apparently this is crap)  HWR is height to waist ratio and its important that I reduce it so I am not carrying scary fat around my heart and other organs.

So my first goal is to get my Puku down and my HWR from the TAKE ACTION range to the CONSIDER ACTION range!