Puku Begone…

I took my measurements for the Catch Fitness 20 Week Challenge

Puku 138 CM (my puku is only 27 cms smaller than Cate’s height!)
HWR .76 (apparently this is crap)  HWR is height to waist ratio and its important that I reduce it so I am not carrying scary fat around my heart and other organs.

So my first goal is to get my Puku down and my HWR from the TAKE ACTION range to the CONSIDER ACTION range!

One thought on “Puku Begone…

  1. Dee Owers says:

    I will be following and supporting you Riwai, we all have our demons to beat. Maybe I need to be accountable myself and start a blog too. Go hard my man, you’re far too young to succumb to a preventable disease like this. 🙂 Good on Cate for the gentle pressuring (nagging lol)


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