Ready. Steady. Go

A couple of home truths again…

So I started this blog in May 2015…

To be honest I did it for the wrong reason.  I was doing my 9th series of the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body and Lifestyle Competition and thought blogging was what Cate wanted,   it put pressure on us and pretty soon I stopped.  I am stoked I actually still finished the challenge but didn’t record it on here.

This year I am being brave.  Reposting the same stuff – hell none of it’s changed – well actually my attitude towards blogging is pretty different as this year I am still doing it for us but the main reason is I am doing it for ME.

We have been in our house for over a year and I finally feel like it’s my time.  I have given to everyone else but if I don’t do it this year for me then there might be no more years left at all and that is really scary!

I said to Cate I wanted to do some videos to keep me honest and so as we signed me up she got me to start – unshaven and everything.  Geez you’ll see I am pretty uncomfortable – but we did it and here is my first 2016 video .


Then we both rang my old buddy Racy who when we do it’s good.  We decided to do the early starter and remembered that back in the day there were two series so thought we better give the early start a good nudge.  First up is back to Tuesday Hagley Park runs and where our running started in 2011 more info see –

ps heres what I wrote in May 2015… and it’s still time to keep sorting my shit out!

So I am not getting any younger and sadly my puku isn’t getting any smaller.

I have had a roller coaster of a ride for the last six years, both my parents passed away, my wife and soulmate left her government job to pursue her dream as a personal trainer, my home town got munted after mother nature dished out thousands of earthquakes, I was in charge the day CTV was burning and my crew at the fire service were sending our friends into rescue everyone.   We were fighting our own EQC battles and I was experiencing survivor guilt.  I hit the wall more than once and each time my puku got bigger and bigger.

Cate was encouraging me to do something (probably I called it nagging and riding).  Finally my GP sent me for a new round of bloods.  We had a discussion and really I was in denial about my diagnosis of Type II diabetes.   It’s such and invisible disease I didn’t really see how it was effecting me…..

Then she mentioned insulin and I kind of flipped out.   I didn’t tell Cate and kept telling myself it would be ok.   We finally went to see a nurse specialist who taught me all about keys and how the disease worked.

It is time to sort my shit out…..  This year is my 9th time doing the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body and Lifestyle Challenge.  I am going to put everything I learnt over the years to reduce my Puku.   My hope is this blog keeps me on track and that somewhere along the way it inspires someone to kick themselves up the ass too and do something before its too late.

I am too young to die and have too much to do in my life!

Tutuman is back! 

It has been a roller coaster ride since I made my initial post on Puku Begone, the messages and offers of support have been truly humbling.  I remember when I first stepped out in the tutu my aim was to inspire one other person to do the same.    Four years ago I shocked Cate by saying Racy and I wanted to do the St Clair Vineyard half marathon.   Reluctantly (after she made a few wife squeaks like I don’t like running events or come to think about it I don’t actually even like running) she pulled an amazing weekend away for four of us  

Here we are in 2011 
Four years later and we headed back to the same event with 48 Leapstars.   Mmmm seems Cate got over she didn’t do running events and we seem to have so many cool people enjoying it with us. 

  Here are half of us on Saturday 

I had been nervous coming off all my injuries, but I had listened to my body and the advice of the podiatrist, Physio, GP,  trainer and Cate and I completed the St Clair Vineyard half marathon in a leisurely walk with some runs through the vines.  It was a fantastic feeling starting and finishing this event. 

   It is such a beautiful course and Anna and Chris Polson always make us feel so welcome.  It is a great reminder to me that if you set a goal, train for it and are determined anything is achieveable.
In true Leap fashion cate and I popped on our aprons and cooked up a LeapFeast.   Three courses of fresh, yummy seasonal food inspired by  and  It was an amazing day and has me fired up and totally motivated for my next event Marching for Endometriosis on 31st May

Ps just saying but think my amazing wife might just be persuaded to organise it all again next year…how can she refuse me a 5th celebration … Perhaps with 50 LeapStars …..