Tutuman is back! 

It has been a roller coaster ride since I made my initial post on Puku Begone, the messages and offers of support have been truly humbling.  I remember when I first stepped out in the tutu my aim was to inspire one other person to do the same.    Four years ago I shocked Cate by saying Racy and I wanted to do the St Clair Vineyard half marathon.   Reluctantly (after she made a few wife squeaks like I don’t like running events or come to think about it I don’t actually even like running) she pulled an amazing weekend away for four of us  

Here we are in 2011 
Four years later and we headed back to the same event with 48 Leapstars.   Mmmm seems Cate got over she didn’t do running events and we seem to have so many cool people enjoying it with us. 

  Here are half of us on Saturday 

I had been nervous coming off all my injuries, but I had listened to my body and the advice of the podiatrist, Physio, GP,  trainer and Cate and I completed the St Clair Vineyard half marathon in a leisurely walk with some runs through the vines.  It was a fantastic feeling starting and finishing this event. 

   It is such a beautiful course and Anna and Chris Polson always make us feel so welcome.  It is a great reminder to me that if you set a goal, train for it and are determined anything is achieveable.
In true Leap fashion cate and I popped on our aprons and cooked up a LeapFeast.   Three courses of fresh, yummy seasonal food inspired by nadialim.com.  and Shechocolate.com.  It was an amazing day and has me fired up and totally motivated for my next event Marching for Endometriosis on 31st May christchurchmarathon.co.nz

Ps just saying but think my amazing wife might just be persuaded to organise it all again next year…how can she refuse me a 5th celebration … Perhaps with 50 LeapStars ….. 

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