Proud to be a Tortoise! Who will dance! 

This weekend Cate posted an awesome fable by Aesop about a tortoise and the hare.  

Happily I am proud to say I am Tortoise and not a Hare with regards to my race with my Puku and Health 


I have come to a huge realisation over the past Four weeks with regards to my health and PUKU that this race I am in is about long term sustainable results and not quick fixes that will last a coupe of months.

I won’t be dieting, following any fad or radical eating or exercise regime.  I am definitely skipping any water only or soup diet, popping Pills or weird Potions!  I believe they just won’t work for me and my Personality type will not sustain these sort of methods over a long period of time.

So with the help of my beautiful wife Cate, my trainer Lilly and the offers of support and encouragement from so many different people I now have the confidence to face this fight head on.

Cate has been introducing me to nourishing my body.   She has been teaching me about eating fresh, seasonal and colourful. It’s all about eating for my fuel and putting things in my mouth that nourish me.    So to help broaden our food horizlns we have been having My Food Bag  My food bag delivered.  Nadia Lim’s Recipes have introduced me to all sorts of new ways of cooking.  I am getting to be quite the citrus zester.  The variety of the tastes and food combinations in the meals is amazing.  We are both learning so many new things with regards to fresh, seasonal food, preparation and cooking.   It’s pretty cool to see the food pyramid has been updated after more than 15years.  When Cate showed me Inwas stoked to see our new nourishing plan is following these new guidelines.  

My food challenge comes when I am at work!  I have to show courage and dig deep when I smell Hot Chips from the Cafeteria or someone brings in takeaways.  I realise this type of food isn’t what I need right now and won’t help me in the long run.   A couple of chips here and there is still ok but I am a bit of a whole bag type of guy so at the moment it’s better to say no thanks! 

I am really excited right now about my exercise plan that Lilly and Cate have designed for me.   Tonight I got to complete my first circuit in over Two years, and last weekend I worked hard enough in rehab to complete the St Clair Vineyard half marathon.  After the various injuries I have had over the last two years it was so cool to be able to partake in these type of events again.

I have given myself a new challenge – I will have a different wellness challenge to complete each month of this 20 week challenge.  

Challenge for June – I  am going to go to a Dance Class, and I can tell you right now it won’t be Zumba 🙂

Ok folks shared that now!  Ideas welcome and have an a great week.

Psthanks to everyone for your messages of support it mean a lot to me
Keep shuffling forward tortoises! 
Riwai (Tutuman) Grace

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